Police Department

Police chief George DouglasChief George Douglas
15 North Main St
Grenada, Ms  38901
Fax: 662-227-3405

Mission Statement

To protect and serve our citizens and guests of The City of Grenada.  To foster a safe and peaceful environment that will enhance the quality of life in which the public will feel safe and secure from any violent and criminal activity.  To provide a safe place to raise and educate our children and give them the tools they need to become successful.

Vision Statement

The Grenada Police Department will be a team of professionals and courteous Law Enforcement Officers.  We will bridge the gap between the citizens by being open minded and listening to their concerns and by helping them to understand the law.  We will build a working relationship by implementing Crime Stoppers and Neighborhood Watch program s to help protect our communities.  Together we will stand and be proud as we watch our city grow and prosper.  By providing purpose, direction and motivation, our goals will be accomplished.